PC Services Montreal

Our knowledge, education, and certification is a long process to build and provide reliable service for everyone in Montreal. The company is registered on the island, and it covers all surroundings along with downtown, and some remote areas.

It's a pleasure to serve our fellow Montrealers.


The team was established a long time ago. We had a clear vision that everything is going to be digital and the whole DotCom age will need perfect hardware solutions to take advantage of modern Internet Technologies.

We started to learn everything from the basics, and follow all new trends, hardware improvements, and computer companies.

In the last 20 years, we made a lot to be an outstanding company for reliable PC repairs. Nowadays, we can fix entirely any problem with any type of computer.


Our mission is to provide the ultimate solution that includes - reasonable price, excellent quality, fast performance. This combination is tough for a 21st age company, and it's possible to achieve such thing only if you're a real pro.

We prefer people to talk about us because the result of our work can be seen only by a real client. Most of our clients are happy to recommend our service because we continue to make their pals satisfied.


Montreal is not just a city. It's an International destination for people from all over the world. It has incredible local culture, European style, the French way of living, urban society, and open-minded people.

We know that everyone needs something different, so we have built many options to satisfy the customers from same-day service to monthly maintenance, urgent repair, prompt upgrades and so on.

Proudly Canadian, raised in Montreal.