There is a problem or a need

First things first, so it's good to track the process from the very beginning. You need a solution which is affordable, professional, and pretty fast.

The PC Service

You need to know what has to be done - repair, upgrade, replacement, installation. Once we know what's the problem, we'll give you the exact information what has to be done, what will be price, and how long it will take.

Start Computer Repair

When everything is clear, and you agree to start the work, it's just a question of time to get results. During the process it is possible to face some extra issues, but it's a rare moment. However, you will be aware of that immediately.

Confirm the repair

Once it's done, and we are ready with all diagnostics, it's time to confirm the repair. You can test the computer and check how it works. It's important for us to be sure that everything is fine as you expecte.

Start using you fixed PC

You will have 1 month warranty for our service. You can start using the laptop/computer as you wish. Keep in mind that we are always on time!

We would to ask for your review and service rating. It's important for us to get a fair evaluation.