Data Restoration

Data is the new gold, that's the future, and it's here. Any personal or business data on computer or laptop may be vital, unique, and even crucial. It's always good to take care of it.

However, sometimes there are problems and the whole data may be lost or just gone with no notice.

This data can be invoices, images, valuable video clips, important files, income tax return statements, contracts, and so on. Once the information is lost, it's critical to find a solution to recover it and to do that sooner.

Data recovery services

The data recovery service is for any computer, and it's a precise process managed by an expert. That's the reason our company to have a great solution for that need. We know how to do that with no confused techniques.

What we can do for you to restore your data:

  • Consultation about the possible methods to recover the information, and its location in 'My Computer';
  • Installation of professional software that will help to inspect the problem and to restore the lost data safely;
  • Configuration of hardware components if it's necessary to use removable storage;
  • Complete restoration of your data on its original place;
  • Setup and secure portable hard disk;
  • Solutions to prevent further lost of important information on your machine.

The service may take up to 1 day, but it depends on the lost data size, type of files, what other problems we need to fix, and how to avoid any further damages with your computer.

What data can be recovered

  • Deleted from your files, even from the recycle bin;
  • Stolen by malicious persons;
  • Heavily damaged by a problem with your software/hardware;
  • Corrupted or formatted disks;
  • Logical problem with PC settings and backup;
  • Wrong deletion by software.

If you wish to recover stolen data, we have an alternative method to get it back. However, it's good to see what's the current situation. To take advantage of data recovery, please contact us, come to our office, or schedule an onsite visit.

In most cases, we can do a same day service.