Commercial Computer Service, Maintenance, Repair

Every business is connected to the Internet. It may be a network, cloud software, website, social network, intranet between different locations, local data server, communication software, and so on.

The commercial computer service includes everything you need to work with no problem and grow your business.

We have experience solutions for:

  • Small to mid-size business;
  • Larger corporation with big infrastructure;
  • Modern computer solutions;
  • Expert service for FinTech companies;
  • High level of security, and more.

Business network services

We can take care of the company's computer network.

  • Monthly maintenance of all devices (laptops, desktop PC, servers);
  • Configuration of the whole intranet structure;
  • Immediate repair and temporary replacement of broker machines;
  • Proper software installation and connection between devices;
  • Correct settings of your printers, camera, video surveillance, chat functions, email clients;
  • Replacement of broken parts with new, refurbished;
  • Live monitoring for secure business communications;
  • Customization of uniquely assembled computers.

The commercial computer support is a question of discussion. We need to understand what exactly is required by you. Then we can give a reasonable offer for everything, so you can focus on your business only.

How the business service works:

  1. Discuss the whole package of service you require to use;
  2. Get a good offer with all details by our experts;
  3. Sign a contract with our company;
  4. No worry anymore about the computer stuff in your firm;

Usually, it takes up to 2 days to get the deal done. We are fast and reliable, so if you're ready with your demand, we can start now.