Travel Charge For On-site Service

  • Visit onsite: 20$ (within the company operated areas)
  • Additional fees applied for individual services provided

Data recovery Prices:

Service Price
From unbootable computer (hardware of operating system) 100$ (for information below 50GB and the computer needs to be brought to our office). For bigger data volumes, please reach back to us for more details and a prompt quote.
From unreadable hard drive, bad sectors or burned power controller board (PCB) (for mechanical drives only) 200$

Laptop Prices:

Service Price
Motherboard replacement 130$ (price does not include the parts. Reach back to us for a complete quote)
Laptop power connectivity repair 80$
Laptop keyboard/mousepad fix/replacement 80$
Laptop memory upgrade 50$
(**)Laptop hard drive upgrade/replacement 50$
Laptop overheating 80$ (dust removal and thermal paste replacement if needed)
Laptop screen replacement 100$

All other repairs, please reach us back for a quote

Desktop Prices:

Service Price
Motherboard replacement 130$
Power supply replacement/power issues 50$
Memory (RAM) replacement 50$
Hard Drive replacement 50$
SSD (Solid State Drive) replacement 50$
CPU replacement/reseating (80$) (thermal paste replacement included)
Other peripherals replacement (CD, DVD, Blue Ray, HDD Bay, Card Reader) 50$
Computer overheating 80$ (price includes dust/residue removal and termal paste replacement if needed)

All other repairs, please reach us back for a quote

Software Prices:

Service Price
Windows installation for laptop and desktop 100$ (price does not include the data backup)
Installation and configuration of Antivirus 40$
Installation of Microsoft Office with latest updates 40$
Forgotten password recovery (All versions of Windows, Linux and BIOS) 60$
Installation of latest OS updates (Windows & Linux) 40$
Windows cleanup of viruses, mallware, adware and spyware 80$
Low Disk Space / Windows or Linux system cleanup 50$
Installation of any other customer provided software 40$

Network Prices

Service Price
Setup basic on site network with existing router, access point or range extender (work calculated on 1 hour rate - 100$ - for any additional hours 80$ extra
Setup network printing 60$ (price includes joining 3 preferred network devices to the printer)

* Prices does not include the parts needed for the repairs and are charged for the labor only (unless otherwise stated)
(**) Price does not include the data backup from the previous drive and usually a system re-installation is required for the computer to be fully operational.