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PC Keyboard

Every computer that does not have a touch screen uses a computer keyboard. This can be a built-in keyboard (for laptops) or a separate device.

With a keyboard problem, the computer can literally become unusable. If integrated, it is necessary to perform diagnostics and repair/replacement.

At remote device - external keyboard, there are other types of services that are needed.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Clean all knobs of dust, dirt, and other things that may interfere with the proper performance;
  • Connectivity diagnostics;
  • Disconnect and test the connecting cables to the motherboard;
  • Replacement of the buttons with different languages ​​- English, French, Russian, Indian, Chinese, etc.
  • Complete reinstatement of the keyboard with a new one. Compatibility with the laptop is considered here.
  • Troubleshooting with the most commonly used buttons.

Computer keyboard repair

  • Check for the quality of the keyboard, connectivity issues, and other jacks.
  • Replace optical media on non-wired devices.
  • Install drivers for optimum performance.
  • Assist when selecting a new keyboard that requires more features like gaming controls, shortcuts, quick apps, etc.
  • A configuration of prompt commands

Repair of Ultrabook Keyboard

These devices have the option of using a touch screen and keyboard at the same time. Typically, digital pencils and other amenities are included.

If you have an Ultrabook problem, we can offer:

  • Configurations check and software compatibility with the device.
  • Repair of dirty areas, pad, buttons.

Keyboard touch pad repair

It is a repair that occurs mainly on laptops because the pad is a kind of built-in computer mouse. They are for hand or pencil.

During this repair, we make the following services:

  1. Complete replacement of the pad;
  2. Installation, updates, pad driver configuration;
  3. Repairing a connectivity problem;
  4. Cleaning for better work;

If you wish to get a new keyboard, we can connect it, install the drivers, configure its work, and provide a reliable solution for you.

No matter what problem you encounter and what you want to get, our team can do any repairs to the keyboard and connected devices. For this purpose, we expect you to contact us first to schedule a day and time for the diagnostic/repair/replacement.