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Buy a new computer or laptop

Choosing a new computer is very important for many people. It may be a computer:

  •  which is expected to be used in the next 5-6 years;
  •  to help with professional development and to achieve better business results;
  •  with ideal parameters for games, movies, virtual reality;
  •  an education-related tool.

In any case, the computer is going to be a solution, and many things have to be taken into account. What can we offer when buying a new computer/laptop?

Computer assembling

The right machine exactly for your needs. This can save a lot of time, because you can find different advantages in different machines.

  • Preparation of a hardware and software configuration plan that will achieve the required result;
  • Choosing the right components;
  • Building a custom PC by connecting all parts;
  • Excellent installation of required software;
  • Diagnostics and tests of the entire machine;
  • Configuration of additional software as needed;
  • Delivery at the address by customer's choice.

We are providing all warranty cards, extra cables, spare parts, boxes of purchased hardware, and so on.

New computer upgrade

If you want to buy a new computer and need to replace a specific part, we can do that as well. In such a case, it is essential to know whether the computer's warranty is violated if its box is opened. That's the only thing you should consider.

New computer installation

If you decide to buy a new computer without the default operating system installed, we can do this for you. With this service, you need to provide an installation disk, or you can order it from us.

The installation will be performed considering the hardware parameters.

PC service for new computers

  • Installation of all kinds of operating systems - Linux, Windows, Mac OS.
  • Connecting all peripherals, drivers update, and configuration.
  • Plug new hardware into the computer - multimedia, optical drives, network devices, and so on.
  • Setup a quick backup restore, recovery or re-installation

For our part, we also have attractive solutions for people with a budget to purchase a new computer. We can always offer a solution if you are looking for that.

If that's the right moment to move forward with getting new computer, we have flexible solutions, so it's always better to give us a call and tell your story.