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Monitor repair services

The monitor plays an important role in your computer or laptop. There are some often problems with the visual part, and many not so popular problems.

We can solve the monitor problems like:

  • Black screen;
  • Lost signal;
  • No connection with your computer/laptop;
  • Lost/burnt pixels.
  • Decreased picture quality.
  • Problem with the resolution.

When a monitor is going to be repaired, there are two options, depending on the device type (VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, MiniUSB, FireWire, HDMI).

For a monitor connected to a desktop computer:

  • replacement of cables;
  • repairing connectors;
  • set the screen preview;
  • configure extra monitor;
  • HDMI connection;

For laptops

  • a problem with the screen matrix;
  • unplugged cables connected the motherboard;
  • display to an external screen;
  • change the monitor screen with a new one;
  • adding of a safe layer to protect your eyes;

PC Monitor Repair Process

In each case, it is essential to approach a straightforward problem-solving method with minimal effort. This can be done primarily for monitors on desktop computers.

For laptop monitors, it is necessary to disassemble the cover, protectors, and then correctly disconnect the monitor and repair or replace it.

All these repairs are not possible by a person without experience and the right tools. the DIY method can harm your device much more, so it's better to call professional and to avoid further issues.

Monitor Repair Extras

If the only solution is to buy a new monitor, we can help you make the right choice according to your computer's parameters. We help to achieve the maximum effect and enjoyment of use.

Note that if you have a problem with the monitor, it is vital to remove the problem, because it affects the eyes of the worker. It is definitely taken into account the care of a person's health.

For a successful repair of your monitor, please call the designated contact phone.