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Wi-Fi router setup

Using the Internet in the 21st century is very important. It has a constant impact on our lifestyle. It's a connection with the rest of the world, quick access to information, courses, education, jobs, entertainment, etc.

Once you have a contract for Internet service, you need a router if you prefer to set up a wi-fi network. The provider can configure it, or you can do that by yourself.

There are different Wi-Fi router settings we can apply

  • Secure settings to protect your privacy (if it's for your home).
  • Configuration between different devices, printers, fax.
  • IP settings, VPN ports, remote access, devices limit.
  • Firewall protection;

Each Wi-Fi network has to be fully protected to avoid hacks, stolen information, access to private files, and so on. We take the necessary steps to make your Wi-Fi network safe.

You can expect some advance services like:

  • VPN, IP routing, traffic monitoring;
  • Complete network development with cable, fiber, Bluetooth;
  • Update of official firmware to protect the access;
  • Router diagnostic to recognize potential problems, lost connection, low speed, remote devices;
  • Consultation about choose the right router for bigger premises like house, yard, basement;
  • Expert use of wi-fi extenders & power-line solutions;
  • Router replacement with more powerful device.

We can also configure:

  • Limit of users per router;
  • Higher security level for access;
  • Additional layer of protection for file sharing in the network;
  • Proper configuration of new devices;
  • Full control on your Wi-Fi router.

Our PC services also includes a setup of business network with different local data servers, remote/cloud storage, backup protection. For any router problem, please contact us to solve that issue, sooner than expected.

In case you don't have a Wi-Fi router we can assist you in choosing one.