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Same day computer service

Every unplanned problem with your computer may affect your work, education, lifestyle, communication with friends, and even more. Sometimes it's really urgent, and it's quite essential to solve a computer problem as soon as possible.

We know that moment may come for everyone, and we have the right solution for that to get your computer back to life on the same day. It's an express IT service by an expert technicians.

How to get a same day computer repair:

  1. call us immediately at (514) 677-4925
  2. describe the problem
  3. come to our office today or request urgent visit onsite
  4. get things done today

What can be fixed in short period of time:

  • Software reinstallation/installation.
  • Replacement of computer parts /RAM, Video Card, Keyboard, Monitor, Cable, Jack, Camera, etc/.
  • Solve a problem with router, Wi-Fi connection, Internet connection.
  • Screen problem with no signal, black screen, etc.
  • Speed clean of your device.
  • Connect a printer, TV, monitor, audio, microphone, etc.

Keep in mind that if you request urgent service in the late evening, it may go to the next day.

Sometimes the urgent service has different rates because it requires an emergency. You can do understand the right price for this service during the conversation with our representative.