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Absolutely! Think of your desktop computer or laptop as a house. When it is clean it is very satisfying, however, occasionally we need to clean it, dust it off, etc. in order to make sure that our full satisfaction is at all times.

Well, for sure we won't use bleach, but you get the idea. On a day to day usage, your operational system (Linux, Windows or MacOS) would save some files that are needed for the proper system operation and/or for your used applications to run smoothly. With the time these files start to bulk and need to be wisely cleaned in order to allow your computer to run as smooth as it was during the initial startup.

Also, the dust in the house might be cleaned, however the static electricity that is generated inside your equipment is like a magnet to dust so don't be surprised if your computer starts making more noise from the fan side, starts heating up (sometimes the heat can get unbearable to keep a laptop on your feet!). This is a normal behavior of your device to try to catch up on the heat that s generating due to the fact that the heat elimination channels get clogged and now the heat is sort of staying inside or does not get fully eliminated.

We won't go much of detail as there are lots and lots of other prophylactic steps our specialists usually do in order to restore your confidence in using the computer equipment. We could schedule a prophylactic at a certain time period and remind you of that or you could reach back to us when you feel it is needed.