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Cloud service setup

It's a trend to keep your information on a cloud hosting service. It may include data storage, software, tools, and applications. Once everything is configured, the whole process is automatic.

We're not cloud service providers, but we know them very well. We can assist in choosing the right solution for your needs, set up the automatic sync and stable connection with your computer.

The cloud service may be an excellent option to access your files from everywhere, with any device - laptop, desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet.

What's included in the cloud setup

  • We'll take a lot of your computer device to know what is possible;
  • We can assist in choosing the right cloud service provider;
  • We'll check what the technical requirements to configure a stable process are;
  • We can install software to connect with a cloud server, or we can build one based on the needs for selected IP, network settings, files security, etc.
  • That last thing is to test the process.

Configure your own cloud service

If you wish to have your own cloud storage, connected with hosting server in a data center, direct upload of files, extended security layers for its use, fast performance - we can do that.

The cloud machines are different, and they're more expensive than regular laptops, and desktop PC. It's crucial to configure the proper synchronization with your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac, Google OS), mobile phone, or tablet.

In case, you are interested in building a cloud service, or need assistance to choose the right one - here we come. Give us a call today and let's talk about that.

We offer cloud setup for home networks, small business owners, personal needs. We can configure the service for Windows OS, Linux OS, Mac OS, etc.